Railway UTS App coverage expansion Pipa News


Railway UTS App coverage expansion

  • 10 to 20 km for non-suburban stations
  • Increase from 5 to 10 km for suburban stations

Hyderabad, September 20 (Andhra Jyoti): South Central Railway has increased the distance limit for using UTS mobile app. The network has been expanded to cover a radius of 20 km. This app was introduced in 2018 to sell unreserved tickets. It is getting special favor from the passengers. South Central Railway officials said on Tuesday that the maximum distance limit for buying unreserved tickets from suburban stations has been increased from the present 5 km to 10 km. In case of other stations, the limit of 10 km has been increased to 20 km. With this, those who travel without reservation will get more flexibility to buy tickets in digital mode. He said that this app works on all smart phones and can be downloaded for free.