Rains and floods caused havoc, millions of people were homeless, crops were destroyed, thousands of cattle were washed away Pipa News


Rains and floods caused havoc, millions of people were homeless, crops were destroyed, thousands of cattle were washed away

Pakpattan: Arifwala, Pakpattan and more villages of Bahawalnagar were hit by floodwaters. About 1 lakh people have been shifted from flooded villages to safer places.

According to the emergency services, around 1 lakh people were shifted to safer places from the flooded villages in Punjab. Several hundred villages and thousands of acres of crops in the Central Province were submerged due to the continuous rise of water in the Sutlej River. Evacuation of residents and livestock to safer places is underway.

Sutlej water caused havoc in Pakpattan. The floodwaters destroyed dozens of villages leaving hundreds of houses under water.

Residents of the area are moving their families and belongings to avoid damage. The district administration has built shanty towns on the banks of the river for the flood victims. However, the shanty towns looked deserted due to the lack of facilities for the flood victims. People claimed that these shanty towns were built only for photo sessions.

More villages of Arifwala were also submerged in the flood water, many kilometers of the area was submerged due to the flood of water. Scenes of destruction can be seen in vast areas of the district.

Many areas have been cut off from other areas due to landslides and floods. Crops standing on thousands of acres of land were destroyed by flood water. Thousands of people are being shifted to safer places.

There is high flood level at Baba Farid Bridge in Sutlej river in Manchanabad. More than 150 settlements were cut off from other areas due to the flood ruts. Fields and roads have been submerged in 7-8 feet of flood water. People were confined in their homes. Emergency rescue operation is going on in the area.

On the other hand, the water level in Sutlej River at Bhoki Patan is continuously increasing. After 35 years, the big flood rail is passing through Bhokanpatan area of ​​Bahalingar. The water level at Head Sulaimanki stood at 1,55,330 cusecs.

The breach in the protective dams and the rapid flow of water have inundated many villages of Chavika, Marimian Sahib and Santhika. Residents are moving from the affected areas to safer places. Highways were flooded at various places and land access to more than 50 villages was cut off.

The Pakistan Army is continuing extensive relief activities in the areas recently affected by the floods. The flood-affected areas include Ganda Singhwala, Dhapsari, Attari, Ghati Kalingar, Aulake, Jumawala, Kamalpura and Bakarke. Army relief teams are busy evacuating people to safer places by boats.