Raja Singh: Raja Singh slogans in Bandi Sanjay Sabha.. Life in jail.. Wife of High Court Pipa News

Raja Singh: Raja Singh slogans in Bandi Sanjay Sabha.. Life in jail.. Wife of High Court

Exactly a month ago, Telangana politics revolved around Raja Singh. He was severely criticized for his controversial comments on Prophet Muhammad. Muslim communities raised large-scale protests. In this order, a PD act was filed against him… and he was kept in Charlapally jail. After he went to jail.. no one in BJP responded. Did not speak in support of Raja Singh. In this order, Rajasingh’s name was mentioned at the closing meeting of the third stage of Bandi Sanjay’s Praja Sangrama Yatra on Thursday. While the BJP leaders were speaking on the stage, the fans and party workers chanted slogans like Rajasingh, Rajasingh. Where is Rajasingh shouted loudly. They demanded to talk about Raja Singh. Immediately Sanjay got the cart and collected them. He said that they are not people who are afraid of jail. He made it clear that there is no intention of leaving those who were sent to jail and those who conspired. Later, senior leader and Rajya Sabha member Laxman spoke. On the other hand, his wife Ushabai made sensational allegations that Rajasingh’s life was in danger in Charlapalli jail. She filed a petition in the High Court (Telangana High court) seeking special security for him. He appealed to provide special class facilities under the Telangana Prison Rules. He said that even though Raja Singh is in jail, he is still an MLA. It is alleged that the jail authorities are not giving permission for the Mulakat of the constituent voters and citizens to meet him. He said that the people have the right to meet the members of the law who play a key role in democracy. In this background, she brought to the attention of the court that according to the Prison Act-1894 and Telangana Prison Rules… Rajasingh, who is an MLA… is entitled to get some special facilities. They asked to provide minimum facilities like table, bed, chair along with books and news papers.

Rajasingh’s wife Ushabai pleaded that the charges against Rajasingh have not yet been proved. Moreover, they asked to be allowed to wear normal clothes. He said that there is danger to his life, so he should be kept away from convicted criminals. This petition filed by Ushabai on Thursday Justice K. Lalitha Dharmasanam came forward. However, the hearing was adjourned to next week as the petitioner’s counsel asked for time to hear the arguments of the senior counsel. She has already filed a petition against him under the PD Act. That too is pending.

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