rajendra raut, barshi MLA Rajendra Raut facing acb inquiry on the complaint of shinde faction leader bhausaheb andhalkar Pipa News


rajendra raut, barshi MLA Rajendra Raut facing acb inquiry on the complaint of shinde faction leader bhausaheb andhalkar

Solapur: Rajendra Raut, a BJP-sponsored independent MLA from Barshi in Solapur district, is in trouble. The Bombay High Court has ordered the Anti-Corruption Department to complete the investigation into the complaint filed by Shiv Sena leader Bhausaheb Andhalkar against Balasaheb, a supporter of Eknath Shinde, within three months. Bhausaheb Andhalkar while talking to the media said that BJP sponsored independent MLA Rajendra Raut has collected a large amount of money and should be investigated, he had complained to the Anti Corruption Department. It is said that the complaint filed in March 2021 was not taken into account and that the High Court was approached. The high court had directed the anti-corruption department to submit information about the officials in Solapur and the number of cases pending against them. The anti-corruption department had submitted the information about the officials in Solapur and the pending cases near them. After this, the Bombay High Court has ordered to complete the investigation of the complaint filed regarding MLA Rajendra Raut within three months, informed Andhalkar. A two-judge bench of Bombay High Court comprising Justices Nitin Sambre and R. N. Ladda has given these orders.

Bhausaheb Andhalankar had filed a complaint against BJP sponsored MLA Rajendra Raut with ED, Income Tax Department, Anti Corruption Department. Andhalkar alleged that Barshi MLA Rajendra Raut and his family members have acquired property worth crores of rupees illegally. Raut’s wealth is higher than known sources. Also Bhausaheb Andhalkar had complained on March 14, 2021 that he had given false information in the affidavit submitted while filing the application for the assembly elections. Andhalkar informed that “On the basis of the information received in the RTI, a complaint was filed with 17 agencies on March 14, 2021. A complaint was also filed with the ED, Income Tax Department and Bribery Department. A table of movable assets was also submitted, Andhalkar said.

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High Court order to complete the inquiry within three months

Bhausaheb Andhalankar had approached the High Court due to the delay in taking action by the ED, Income Tax Department and Anti-Corruption Department. Expressing displeasure at the action of the Anti-Corruption Department, the High Court has ordered to complete the investigation within three months. That’s why I have complete faith in the judicial system,” said Bhausaheb Andhalkar, the leader of the Shinde group.

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The investigation by the corruption department into the unaccounted assets of MLA Raut of more than 700 crores from known sources has started after the intervention of the court. MLA Rajendra Raut’s immovable property increased from which income during the previous year 1995 to 2023? Andhalkar pointed out the difference between the real transactions of all those immovable property purchase documents, empty documents, sales documents and the transactions done according to ready reckoner, said Andhalkar. Bhausaheb Andhalkar has appealed that if there is any information for the investigation regarding Rajendra Raut, please provide the evidence directly to the Bribery Department or to me and participate in the fight to prevent corruption.

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