Rajkot: Dhoraji city roads in bad shape, urbanites are troubled Rajkot: The public roads of Dhoraji have become a mess, the citizens are often troubled due to potholes everywhere.

Rajkot: Potholes and puddles are everywhere you look on the roads of Dhoraji city. The citizens have complained about this road, but the water in the belly of the system is not moving, no work is being done to repair the road by the system.

TV9 GUJARATI | Edited By: Chandrakant Kanoja

Aug 12, 2022 | 10:39 PM

Rajkot (Rajkot) Dharaji of the district (Dhoraji)The public roads of the city have become dilapidated. Due to gross negligence of the system, there are potholes on the road and puddles filled with water in these potholes. Small and large pits are filled with rain water but no road repair work is done by the system. pit (Potholes) There is no work of filling or putting soil where there are puddles. Due to which the motorists are very annoyed, people are also getting angry. The road which was once run by rickety vehicles has now become a back-breaking road.

A situation where the system is on the verge of a major accident

Motorists expressed their grief to our correspondent that they suffer accidents due to potholes. On the road, you don’t know when a pothole suddenly appears, due to which the back pain has also increased. Motorists are expressing their anger against the negligence of the system. Children going to school are being harassed, including the elderly. On the other hand, the system is turning a blind eye as if it is waiting for a major accident and the road is not being repaired. According to locals, this is the condition of all roads in Dhoraji city. Due to which people suffer a lot. While the citizens are waiting for when the potholes on the road will be filled.


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