Rajya Sabha efficiency down to 16 percent- Dinamani

Rajya Sabha performance dropped to 16 per cent in week 2 of the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament. Rajya Sabha performance was 26.90 percent in the previous week.

As the Monsoon session began on July 18, the efficiency of the Rajya Sabha has been 21.58 percent in both weeks. In the 2nd week, there was not only adjournment but also suspension of 23 opposition MPs in the House.

In the 10 sessions of the Rajya Sabha held so far, they have functioned only for 11 hours and 8 minutes. But they should have worked for 51 hours and 35 minutes. Rajya Sabha Secretariat said that 40 hours and 45 minutes have been wasted.

No bill has been passed in the Rajya Sabha in the current session. It has also been reported that the debate on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Prohibition Bill is still pending.

Meanwhile, Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Venkaiah Naidu has mentioned that it is the joint responsibility of the ruling party and the opposition parties to ensure that the Parliament functions smoothly and effectively.

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