Rajya Sabha has the power to give direction.. PM Modi’s comments – News18 Telugu Pipa News


Rajya Sabha has the power to give direction.. PM Modi’s comments – News18 Telugu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday described the Rajya Sabha as the center of intellectual property. He said that the new Parliament building is not just a new building, it is a symbol of a new beginning. In our constitution, Rajya Sabha is considered as the upper house. He said that it was the intention of the framers of the Constitution that this House should overcome the political chaos and become a center for serious intellectual debate. Prime Minister Modi said that the construction of this building at the beginning of Amritkal and the entry of all of us here will instill new energy and new confidence in the hopes and aspirations of the 140 crore citizens of the country.

He said that in a democracy, the process of who will rule and who will not will continue, but whenever there are problems related to the country, we all tried to work with the interests of the country in mind, apart from politics. Prime Minister Modi said that the country has great expectations on the Rajya Sabha.. The upper house has the power to direct the country… the country should be at the forefront of our decisions… the target should be reached in due time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today is a memorable and historic day in the Rajya Sabha in the new Parliament building. He said that they do not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha, but we believe that the Rajya Sabha will rise above political considerations and take decisions in the interest of the country. They said that due to their maturity, they were able to take difficult decisions. He said that parties should not interfere in this matter, only the heart is needed.

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Narishakti Vandan Act

Prime Minister Modi also spoke on the Women’s Reservation Bill. He said that today the new Parliament building stands as a witness to an important historic decision for the country.. A bill was recently introduced in the Lok Sabha.. It will also come here after it is passed. We all are going to take a very important step towards the empowerment of women power.. For this the government has brought the Narishakti Vandan Act in the Lok Sabha in the form of a constitutional amendment. It will be discussed in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday and then it will come to the Rajya Sabha.

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