Rare surgical treatment..removal of 8 kg tumor from woman’s stomach..where is it?– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Rare surgical treatment..removal of 8 kg tumor from woman’s stomach..where is it?– News18 Telugu

Rare Surgery In Suryapet Sri Swathi Hospital | Days have changed. Medicine breaks new ground. Technology is increasing day by day. At present, the best technology is available to remove a human heart and transplant it into another. That is why doctors are compared to gods. It is not all the efforts of doctors to save human life. He is always available in the hospital and performs many types of surgeries. In the field of medicine, we hear the term rare surgical treatments from time to time. Doctors work hard for hours to remove tumors from the heart, kidney, brain or stomach. Removal of these tumors is a big task. Because if anything happens that shouldn’t happen at that time, it is a big danger to life. Recently, the doctors of Suryapet district of Telangana successfully performed this rare surgery.

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Ponneboina Srinivas continues to live with his wife Sasirekha in Kudakuda village of Chivvenla mandal of Suryapet district. In this sequence, Sasirekha has been suffering from severe stomach pain for some time now. Unable to bear the pain, Shasirekha went to several hospitals in Suryapet. But there is no right result anywhere. In this order, he went to Sri Swathi Hospital in Suryapet and consulted the doctor. The doctors who examined her also did a scan. Based on that scanning, the medical team of Sri Swathi Hospital found that there was a tumor in the stomach.

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When she told this to the victim, she got scared. But the doctors assured me that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the tumor will be removed by surgery. She also agreed to this and made all arrangements for the surgery. Sri Swati Vaidya’s team labored for several hours and successfully removed 7 to 8 kg of lump. Shasirekha, who was suffering from severe stomach pain until then, got rid of that pain after the removal of the cyst.

On this occasion, Shashirekha’s family members thanked the medical team and management of Sri Swathi Hospital.

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