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A children’s crayon drawing, depicting three happy people in front of their new home, graces the office of Andrew Lasko of Lasko and Associates. It was a gift from the eight-year-old daughter of a couple from the Philippines — a gesture of gratitude for helping the immigrant family buy a home in Canada by matching their budget with a motivated private seller.

While there have been many such satisfying results during his more than 10 years as a real estate agent, delivering “full service and the right kind of experience for each client” takes effort, especially in a fast-paced and constantly evolving real estate market, Lasko says. “I keep this photo with me and on difficult days I look at it and remind myself why I do what I do.”

The idea of ​​”full service” means different things to different people, and Lasko strives to measure the exact level to make sure its customers feel comfortable. “That’s why it’s important to start a conversation to understand their expectations,” he says. “It’s not just about whether they’re looking for two or five bedrooms or what amenities they want nearby. I am interested in learning which process works best for them; for example, do they like to be hands-on? Or would they rather outsource as many tasks as possible?”

His background in financial planning and analysis in the real estate, urban planning, banking and audit industries – combined with a passion for community building – gives Lasko an edge when it comes to empowering clients to make strategic real estate decisions.

He values ​​”a methodical approach and due diligence” for jointly navigating an industry, where structures are helpful but market trends sometimes require a quick response. Experience is a great asset there, he believes.

“Over time you get to know buying patterns; you see where things are offered and where people look,” says Lasko. “I can help you explore real estate as a step towards achieving your overall financial and lifestyle goals. I can also talk intelligently about a range of financial products.”

Because many of his clients are busy professionals, including accountants, engineers, doctors and lawyers, Lasko strives to minimize the stress associated with selling or buying a home. “I have pretty big shoulders, so you can trust me to carry a lot of the load,” he says. “And I constantly challenge myself to go the extra mile, to uphold the ethics – and reputation – of the profession.”

Lasko grew up in Toronto and lived in Sydney, Australia, and Copenhagen, Denmark, before settling in Vancouver in 2007. Moving often made me appreciate the ’emotional strain that can come with the process, even if you’re super organized.

“The last time I moved, I had a spreadsheet. I hired a packer and a mover,” he recalls. “I would wake up in one place and go to sleep in another.”

Needless to say, it wasn’t as stress-free as expected, he admits, and experiences like this have cemented his commitment to providing “the right experience” to his customers.

“I really focus my attention on what they need,” says Lasko, who likes to spot similarities, for example, in demographic or socioeconomic backgrounds. With his ties to the financial, Jewish and LGBTQI+ communities, and his active lifestyle, there’s always overlap, “like a Venn diagram,” he notes.

Lasko also hopes to increase its clients’ financial flexibility, perhaps by discovering unrealized value. “I love that I can help people enter the market with an apartment,” he says, “and make their way up to million-dollar estates.”

His efforts and results have not gone unnoticed and Lasko has repeatedly received professional recognition. But the most important thing is when clients tell him he’s “the best real estate agent,” Lasko says. “This gives me the shivers, in a good way.”

Andrew Lasko is featured in the 2022 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine.

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