Recharge Cost: Shock for Paytm and Phonepay users.. New platform fee on mobile recharges.. Netizens are in awe..!

In the past, many payment apps (Payments Apps) encouraged users by offering cashback if they paid mobile recharges and other utility bills through their platforms. These organizations provided services without charging any fees. India’s most popular online payment apps Paytm and PhonePe also offer free services. But now the days are gone. Paytm and Phonepay are shocking the users using their app services by charging extra fees. Now, these apps have also started charging platform fee from their customers who pay mobile recharge and electricity bills through their platforms.

What is platform fee?

PhonePe recently said that it has introduced a nominal fee for users of their app for recharges/bill payments, irrespective of the mode of payment. This fee is inclusive of GST. If the mobile recharge fails, the amount paid for the recharge including GST and platform fee will be refunded.

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So how much should be paid as platform fee?

Users will have to pay a platform fee of Rs.1 for every mobile recharge done using the Paytm app. This fee is applicable only for mobile recharges worth more than Rs.100 from Paytm. Also, the platform will charge Rs.1 as a fee for any recharge worth more than Rs.50 through PhonePe. Same, Rs. Recharge above 100 will incur a charge of Rs.2. This platform fee is not applicable for everyone as of now. Currently the charge is applicable only to selected users. In future this charge will be imposed on everyone.

Netizens are on fire over such charges

Users are complaining that they have to pay an extra 5 rupees per transaction for electricity bills paid through the Paytm app. Although the platform fee is Rs.1, these charges vary for other users. However, other payment apps like Google Pay do not charge similar fees. Also, if you use the respective telecom company’s own site or app, there is no need to pay the platform fee. Due to this, users are now turning towards these to make payments.

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