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Reddit User Loses Job For ‘Saving Life’; Find Out What Happened PiPa News

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Reddit User Loses Job For ‘Saving Life’; Find Out What Happened

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 11:25 IST

The employee is called for a meeting with their boss and HR.

A Reddit user shared how they got fired for being late to the office because they had to give someone CPR on the way to work.

Losing a job, especially if it serves as an important financial support system, can be a stressful and depressing ordeal. Anxiety increases when termination occurs suddenly and without warning. Recently, a Reddit user shared a similar incident, claiming to have been dismissed by their employer for arriving late due to an unforeseen event. The employee explained that on their way to work, they saw a person who had crashed on the train. Left with no choice, the Redditor decided to prioritize saving human life before reaching for duty. In an act of courtesy, the user informs their office superiors about the delay and expects a positive response. However, what happened next was completely unexpected.

The user explained, “This morning I was on my way to work when someone on the opposite side of my train carriage died. Even though I was in my work uniform, I didn’t realize that I would be dirty if it meant I could help someone. people. Once the man was breathing again, the paramedics and the police arrived. The police wanted me to make a statement, so I did. Due to the fact that there was a ‘biohazard’ on the train, they canceled the service, which forcing me to wait more time for a train.I gave the courtesy of reporting to my work almost an hour and a half late for work because of this.

Upon arriving at work, the Reddit user was summoned for a meeting with their boss and HR. The user presented evidence, such as details of the police he gave a statement to and screenshots of the incident shown on the news website. Despite offering a wealth of information, they face immediate termination. The reason given for the firing was unexpectedly surprising: “Apparently, being in uniform while giving CPR caused a ‘negative image’ for the company I work for.”

The Reddit post gained significant traction and garnered over 7000 upvotes. Social media users supported the individual, while others suggested that the person inform the story, recommending an approach to newspapers for wider coverage.

One user suggested, “Go to the local Newspaper Television Station, Good story, for you, bad for your boss.”

Another shared, “I’ll figure out a way to make it public, because it might make the company look bad. HR creates a very uncaring work environment when they fire you for saving a life.

One individual asked, “Would you want to work for a company that is unhappy that one of their employees is taking time out of his work day to save the lives of strangers?”

“Thank you for taking care of someone else,” one comment read.

Another wrote, “This is the thing people start GoFundMe pages for. Hope someone repays your good deed to someone else. Good for you for saving a life. Poo to your boss for being a canner. “

Following the viral response to the post, the user provided an update, mentioning that they took the advice of Reddit users and reached out to local news stations. Two stations have expressed interest, while one is even conducting a phone interview.

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