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Relief from the court’s verdict, Rahul can get a new passport

Puber pen, webdesk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is no longer in the way of making new passports. Delhi Court gives No Objection (NOC) to Rahul Gandhi’s renewal of passport. His diplomatic passport was canceled as per the rules after he was dismissed as an MP. So the Congress leader applied to get a normal passport. The court gave this verdict by accepting Rahul’s application. However, according to the Bar and Bench report, this No Objection Certificate will be valid for up to 3 years. For the past few days, the pressure was increasing. Rahul got relief from the court verdict.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is one of the accused in the National Herald case. So if Rahul wants to go to the US on a normal passport, he will have to get permission from the court. He then approached a court in Delhi to get that clearance. The court granted Rahul’s application on Friday. However, the application has been granted for three years and not 10 years.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Suhmaniyan Swamy said in the Delhi court on Friday, ‘I recently went to Britain. An official there told me that Rahul Gandhi has declared himself as a British citizen. According to Indian law, his Indian citizenship should be revoked outright. Before allowing Rahul Gandhi’s passport, all the surrounding issues should be examined.’ But in the end, the court gave an order on Friday without giving importance to that comment.

Judge Vaibhav Mehta said that it is a fundamental right of every citizen to go abroad. Moreover, the court did not impose any ban on Rahul Gandhi’s visit. Rahul applied for a passport for 10 years. However, the court granted his application for three years.

Rahul Gandhi was recently convicted in the Gujarat High Court in a defamation case related to the Modi surname controversy. His MP post was dismissed. He surrendered his diplomatic passport. After that he applied for a new normal passport.
Note that Rahul has a program in the United States in June. Before that, there was no obstacle for the Congress leader to go abroad according to the court ruling.


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