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Remembering ‘Andhra Jyoti’ all the time!

The trend was the same for the five days of the assembly

The ruling party does not follow the etiquette of the House

Amaravati, September 21 (Andhra Jyoti): From the first day of the assembly meetings to the last day, not a single day passed without the remembrance of ‘Andhra Jyoti’. From Chief Minister Jagan to ministers, everyone brought up this reference in one form or another every day. Every time the CM addressed the assembly, Akkasu kept saying ‘This is Andhra Jyoti… This is Radhakrishna’… ‘Andhra Jyoti’ MD Radhakrishna said that he had conspired with Chandrababu to rob, share and eat directly (DPT). The same scene was repeated on the closing day of the meeting. While introducing and approving the bill changing the name of NTR Health University to YSR Health University in the House, there are criticisms that the behavior of the ruling party is violating the traditions, rules and guidelines of the House. CM Jagan, who has been participating in the daily short-term discussion since the beginning of the assembly meetings, has mentioned ‘Andhra Jyoti’ at least five to ten times in his speech. In the past, YS Rajasekhara Reddy used to indirectly mention the name of ‘Andhra Jyoti’ in the assembly by saying ‘those two magazines’. But Jagan unabashedly accused people who were not in the assembly. Moreover, in the absence of any opposition leader in the assembly, after suspending them, the CM gave a monologue in the name of short-term discussion. He continued his speech in unison as there was no representation from the opposition in the House and there were no people who said it was inappropriate. At that time, ‘Andhra Jyoti’ was repeatedly mentioned. On the path of the Chief Minister, some ministers and MLAs also continued to verbally attack ‘Andhra Jyoti’ in their speeches. On the last day of the meeting, Finance Minister Buggana specifically mentioned the stories of ‘Andhra Jyoti’. Everything written is wrong. CM Jagan’s speech on other departments, including financial matters, aimed to poison instead of explaining the articles published by spreading lies. CM Jagan, Ministers and MLAs mentioning ‘Andhra Jyoti’ every day in the House led to a debate across the state.