Road damage at Goboradol – News18 Assam Pipa News


Road damage at Goboradol – News18 Assam

Nalbari District Tihu Goradal Padmaparat Burma-Kaithalkuchi connecting road pond-like environment.

Govaradal Padmapara Chakat has become a one-way traffic system. The construction of very busy roads has been complained of by the local residents as lahemia. As a result of which the pedestrians are suffering every day.

In the past four months, various accidents have taken place in the area due to the construction of the important road connecting Baxa district to Burma.

In this area, the local people are angry that no action has been taken in the public works department. The local residents are demanding that the road be built very quickly and made suitable for traffic.

Published by: Subham Goswami

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 02, 2023, 21:03 IST

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