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‘Row of council tax ‘freeze’ pledge shows Labor can’t be trusted’ PiPa News

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‘Row of council tax ‘freeze’ pledge shows Labor can’t be trusted’

If, when this broken promise was revealed, he admitted that it was a broken promise and used the default response of blaming the previous administration’s fiscal mismanagement, I would at least accept that they had a point and honestly backed down. .

However this insulting effort to deny the promise has since been made, despite being clearly described in black and white by the Press.

He must resign, or be removed as council leader. Any Labor councilors who disagree that he should go, should also be implicated in this blatant attempt at fraud.

As always, the moral of the story for voters out there is to stop choosing whatever is said to get into office.

Same for the Tories and their repeated promises to double the A64 – it’s not happening.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York

Which is heavier as it empties? Garbage

Question: Which is heavier as it runs out?

Answer: Beverage cans, sweet and crisp packages and many other food containers, obviously.

People happily carry these items down the banks of the River Foss in York, but when they’re done the empty items suddenly become so heavy that they can’t take them to the nearest bin or even the trash goes home with them.

DM Deamer, Monkgate, York

As the song says: ‘When will we ever learn?

This world has earthquakes, floods, asthma, pandemics, children dying of hunger and because of dirty water.

We have TV appeals for donations to help many different people in many situations.

But never mind, countries will continue to spend billions sending rockets into space – for what?

And people will continue to make wars because of their self-importance and think that they are right and everyone should bow to them.

There is a song called ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ One of the verses begins: ‘Where are all the soldiers, everyone has gone to the graves, When will they learn, when will they learn?’.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway, York

Parents should say no to kids using vape

So the government is worried about the number of kids buying and smoking vapes?

Isn’t it a parent’s job to say ‘no’ and deal with it? Maybe that’s not allowed today!

Mrs Eunice Birch, Sutton on Forest, York

Is Trump back?

Is Donald Trump destined to reappear as President Trump?

It seems very likely. Joe Biden, I’m afraid, just doesn’t have the charisma.

If that happens all we need is the resurrection of Boris. Watch this space.

M Horsman, Moorland Road, York

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