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BANGALORE: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said that the project to provide financial assistance to Srisakthi groups is scheduled to be launched on October 2. He was speaking at the inauguration of a conference of state-level voluntary organizations organized by the Karnataka State Voluntary Organizations Federation, Karnataka Border Development Authority, Karnataka Gandhi Memorial Fund, Bangalore and Sumangali Seva Ashram, Bangalore. 1.5 lakhs of financial aid, anchor bank assembly, machinery, projects and products will be arranged for the first time in order to facilitate women’s societies to contribute to the economy of the state. These products can be arranged on online platforms such as Amazon. In practice, the Elevate program has been launched by a feminist group doing about 50 lakh transactions per month. It was an organized effort.

Servants must have goals and plans

There should be empowerment of women in rural and urban areas of the state. It is the government’s desire that the products of our local organizations should be sold abroad. Then our economy will be very strong. Women in this country have to pay for their labor. When they have financial freedom they are empowered academically and socially. It is in this context that the service sector plays an important role in bringing about the equality revolution. Thinking that works well is motivating. There has to be thought and action to do good things. He said the government would also support the government by striving to achieve at least 5 fields each year.


The state ranks 3rd in the country’s per capita income. Only 30% of the state contributes to this and 70% of the people are working for a livelihood. By providing financial assistance and marketing systems to these 70% of the population, working class people contribute to the state’s economy. Now the work is great. He said the country was becoming a working class from the bottom up.

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Incentives for local artisan products

The Central Government has initiated plans for value addition and sale of farmer products through Farmers’ Associations, which are being implemented well in Karnataka. These projects are being extended to fishermen and artisans. In Chennai, toy, Ilakkal, Belgaum Shahapur, Shidlaghatta and Moolakalum Saru microcluster will be developed. He said local craftsmen’s products were being promoted.

Women should take advantage of the schemes they have devised

Proceed with confidence. The government is with you. Women have power over nature. Powerful patience. All of that is possible. Ours is a culture of saving. We are enjoying the fruits of the culture. Work must be recognized. When you support your work, respect for your position, and make a mark for your existence, the country will prosper. Our government is committed to that end. The government should take advantage of the schemes for women.

Suzhivamma’s service is exemplary for all of us

Implementation of programs with greater commitment. Esuyamma’s service is exemplary and guiding for all of us. Under his guidance, let us all do our jobs honestly. Industry Minister Murugesh Nirani has provided employment to around 75,000 people. He said he was the one who played. The Chief Minister said that the role of service organizations is to make the state a better place.

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