Sable Island horses ‘doing well’ after Hurricane Fiona, Parks Canada says Pipa News

Sable Island horses ‘doing well’ after Hurricane Fiona, Parks Canada says

Horses on the Sable Island National Park reserve in Nova Scotia are “doing well and engaging in all their normal behaviors” after Tropical Storm Fiona hit Atlantic Canada this weekend, Parks Canada says.

In a statement sent Monday to Global News, Sable Island National Park Reserve’s Parks Canada spokeswoman Jennifer Nicholson said the horses act instinctively and take shelter in groups in swarms of dunes during storms.

Sable Island National Park Reserve is a narrow strip of dunes and grasslands that is managed by Parks Canada. About 500 Sable Island Horses roam here, along with the world’s largest breeding colony of gray seals.

According to Parks Canada, the island is located in the Atlantic Ocean near the edge of the continental shelf, 290 kilometers from Halifax.

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According to a Facebook post published on Sunday, Zoe Lucas, president of the non-profit organization Sable Island Institute, was with three Park Canada personnel on Sable Island over the weekend. “The horses had emerged from the sheltered areas and were grazing, grooming and engaged in their normal activities,” Lucas said late Saturday morning.

“Horses are very used to storms, they find shelter from the wind and sand in the foothills of the dunes – there are lots of hollows and high dune slopes in the inland, and depending on the direction of the wind, the horses can also cruise. Beach at the base of the dunes,” reads the Facebook post.

Click to play video: 'Hurricane Fiona devastated Atlantic Canada'

Hurricane Fiona devastated Atlantic Canada

Hurricane Fiona devastated Atlantic Canada

Nicholson said a detailed assessment of the property damaged by Fiona on the island is underway.

“While there was damage to the exterior of the main station buildings (siding and sheathing), no catastrophic property damage has been detected,” she wrote.

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Nicholson said satellite phone check-ins took place last Friday night and the Internet connection to the main station, which is an operational hub for island activities and events, was restored on Saturday morning.

Nicholson said the generators were able to continue to provide power throughout the storm, while the water and electricity systems were running.

“We do not yet know the extent of damage to the dune system,” she wrote. “Preliminary reports indicate that the erosion was lower than anticipated.”

According to Nicholson, the site will remain closed as Parks Canada’s Fiona continues a detailed assessment of the damage.

Visitor flights to Sable Island are canceled until at least 29 September, when their resumption will be reevaluated.

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