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Saikrishna remanded for 14 days in Apsara murder case

The court remanded the accused priest Saikrishna for 14 days in Apsara murder case in Shamshabad. When Saikrishnan appeared in the Rajendranagar court, the court remanded him for 14 days. With this, Sai Krishna was taken to Charlapally Jail. Saikrishna will remain in remand till June 22. Police have registered a case under sections 302 and 201 against priest Venkata Sai Krishna in this case. As the accused reveals that Apsara is pregnant…Police is waiting for the post-mortem report. If the same is true, there is a possibility of imposing more sections on Saikrishna.

Apsara’s dead body is yet to undergo a post-mortem. Since June 9, Apsara’s body has been kept in the Osmania hospital mortuary. The signatures of Apsara’s family have to be collected before the post-mortem process. But Apsara’s mother stayed at home since June 9 afternoon. As Apsara’s father is in Kashi, Osmania’s doctors are waiting for the signatures of the parents. Police say father will come from Kashi on Saturday 10th June. After taking the signature, the family will conduct a post-mortem on Apsara’s body.

Post mortem report is important..

Postmortem report is going to be crucial in Apsara’s murder case. It seems that Saikrishna killed Apsara when he came to know that she was pregnant. It is reported that there was a fight between the two over Apsara’s pregnancy. When Apsara got pregnant for the first time, Saikrishna performed an abortion. As Apsara became pregnant for the second time, the police suspect that there was a fight between the two for abortion. The police are waiting for Apsara’s post mortem report to reveal the facts.

Accused Sai Krishna killed Apsara in Shamshabad and dumped her dead body in a car at Sarur Nagar. There he threw a man into the hole. The man poured concrete into the hole so that this matter did not come out. The police arrested the accused Sai Krishna. Apsara’s body was taken out from the man hole. Saikrishna is planning to kill Apsara. It was revealed during the investigation that Apsara was given tablets to make her intoxicated and then killed with a stone. To escape the murder, he went to Shamshabad PS on 5th of this month and filed a missing complaint saying that Apsara was his niece.


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