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Sangli: 500 crore fraud of sugarcane transporters

Sangli : Mohan Yadav : In the last two years, sugarcane transporters in the state have been defrauded of about Rs 500 crore by laborers and lawsuits. But the sugar factory and the government are ignoring this. Due to this, hundreds of families of transporters have been destroyed. In this regard, former MP Raju Shetty has taken an aggressive stance and started an all-out fight by forming an organization. Fifteen years ago sugar mills were planning transportation for felling; But due to the increasing number of frauds, the factory owners withdrew from this. However, due to the problem of food and water, the transporters had no choice but to invest their own money. (Sangli)

At least ten laborers are required for one vehicle for sugarcane cutting and transportation. To cut 25 tonnes of sugarcane per day, each vehicle requires a gang of 12 to 16 labourers. For this, the factory owner pays five to six lakh rupees to the vehicle owner. But, for this, a legal provision is made to sign many documents and pay the amount. As the gang does not come in this amount, the transporters collect the gang by taking money from banks, credit institutions, moneylenders. However, many of these gangs cannot be broken. This causes the transporter to lose lakhs of rupees. Official figures have revealed that fraud of around Rs 500 crore has been committed in the last two years. Of course, these figures are for transporters who have complained. If we estimate the statistics of those who did not go to the police, the figure of fraud goes up to about one thousand crore rupees.

If they go to the concerned area to collect this money, the police do not cooperate with the transporters there. No information is given by the villagers of that village. Sometimes beaten. There have been many murders. Even the manufacturers are not cooperating in this regard. The government agency appointed for this purpose i.e. Sugar Commissioner’s Office does not seem to be looking at this seriously. Due to this, the transporters have become desperate. Many have sold lands to pay the amount. Some have committed suicide because they could not pay their debts. Thousands of families have been destroyed due to this.

Sangli : Number of fraud cases

• Kolhapur : 1479 • Sangli : 1790 • Satara : 1173 • Pune : 1525 • Solapur : 19800 Dharashiv 455 • Nagar : 499 • Nashik : 200 • Nandurbar : 430 Jalgaon : 152 • Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar : 221 • Jalna : 31 • Beed : 141 • Parbhani : 162 • Hingoli : 18 • Nanded : 5 • Latur : 317 • Buldhana : 2 • Yavatmal : 46 • Wardha : 190 Total : 10258.

District wise amount of fraud (in lakhs)

Kolhapur 2223.18 ॥ Sangli : 6718.85 Satara : 5123.41 Pune : 7227.56 Solapur : 11964.22 Dharashiv : 25.07 Nagar : 2123.65 Nashik : 945.96 Nandurbar : 123. 99 – Jalgaon : 360.3 ■ Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar : 1151.66 – Jalna : 263.38 ■ Beed : 569.93 ॥ Parbhani: 431.64 Hingoli: 114.4 ॥ Nanded : 45 ■ Latur : 1766.58 Buldhana : 12.2 ॥ Yavatmal: 109.63. Wardha : 61.77 Nagpur : 154.43 Total 44626. 81 lakhs.

Swabhimani Shetkar Sangathan has started building an organization of transporters in the state to stop the increasing form of fraud and to recover the amount of fraud. Currently, gatherings are going on in Western Maharashtra under the leadership of farmer leader Raju Shetty. A meeting will be held with the sugar commissioner soon. Legal registration of demolition workers should be done under Gopinath Munde Mandal like Mathadi Labor Association. 7/12 and other assets of the defrauding laborers should be charged with the amount. Also, we demand that the concerned persons should be arrested and registered immediately for recovery.
– Sandeep Rajoba, Head of Transporters Association Steering Committee

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