sanjay raut, saffron hanging around Sanjay Raut’s neck, raising hands to greet Shiv Sainiks, determination to fight for saffron, tears in family’s eyes – enforcement directorate officials took Sanjay Raut from his residence and proceeded to the ed office connection with patra chawl land scam case shivsena mp of maharashtra

Mumbai: Shiv Sena leader MP Sanjay Raut came out of his house with ED officials after 9 hours of interrogation. At this time, thousands of Shiv Sainiks gathered outside his house to support him. “Sanjay Raut Tum Aage Badho-Hum Tumhare Saath Hain…Derenge Nahi-Ladhenge, Awaaj Kuncha Shiv Sena Necha…” The area of ​​Raut’s friendship bungalow was rocked. Raut’s heart was also excited by the loud announcement of Shiv Sainiks. He wore a saffron scarf around his neck while coming out with the ED officials. Seeing the support of the Shiv Sainiks, Raut raised both his hands and saluted the Shiv Sainiks. He warned that it is not easy to lose the saffron by waving the saffron in the air. After this action of Raut there was a lot of enthusiasm among the Shiv Sainiks. Shiv Sainiks again started raising slogans in support of Raut and against ED. Raut said to the media that he will fight till the end for Shiv Sena. On the other hand, Rauta’s family was watching this whole emotional event from the gallery of the bungalow. Rauta’s mother had tears in her eyes. Raut’s wife Varsha Raut also had tears in her eyes. On the other hand, Raut’s brother, MLA Sunil Raut was asserting that not a single document of the letter case in which the ED has taken action against the Rauts was found in our house. However, the ED officials refuted Sunil Raut’s allegations. Our homework is solid. ED officials explained that we have evidence.

Shiv Sena leader MP Sanjay Raut has been detained by the ED after nine and a half hours of interrogation. Sanjay Raut has been detained by the ED officials from his house in Bhandup and will be taken to the ED office. He is likely to be further questioned there. On the other hand, a large police force has been deployed outside the ED office in Mumbai. For security reasons, barricading has been done outside the office.

Sanjay Raut finally in ED custody, action taken after 9 hours of interrogation, Tu Tu Main Main between Raut-ED officials

Sanjay Raut was raided by the ED officials at his Maitri residence in Bhandup from 7 am this morning in the alleged Patra Chaal embezzlement case. After the ED officials came to the door, Sanjay Raut asked them the reason for coming home. He asked the ED officials that what is the reason for you coming today despite saying that I will come for investigation after the session of Parliament? The officers told Raut the reason for the raid. As you are not cooperating with ED, we have come today for investigation, ED officials replied. Meanwhile, Sanjay Raut and the ED officers had a tug-of-war for about half an hour. Finally the ED officials reached Raut’s house and started the investigation.

Rauta’s slogan ‘Zukega Nahin’

Sanjay Raut’s morale does not seem to have weakened even while the investigation is underway. Because Sanjay Raut made some tweets while this investigation was going on. In these tweets, Sanjay Raut said, ‘False action..False evidence. I will not leave Shiv Sena.. I will die but I will not surrender. Jai Maharashtra, it says. Looking at the overall tone of Raut’s tweets, it does not seem that Sanjay Raut will easily surrender before the ED.

What else did Sanjay Raut say in tweets?

I have nothing to do with any scam. I am saying this by taking the oath of Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray..Balasaheb taught us to fight..I will continue to fight for Shiv Sena. Even if I die, I will not surrender. I will not leave Shiv Sena. Sanjay Raut said in a tweet that Maharashtra and Shiv Sena will continue to fight.


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