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Yorkton, Sask. –

Yorkton’s SaskAbilities strives to take a people-centered approach when working with people with disabilities.

There are about 65 participants in the day program, and SaskAbilities program manager Jackie Washenfelder said there are several aspects to consider when working with program participants.

“We take into account their likes and interests, as well as the needs they may have and the goals they have for the future,” she said.

One SaskAbilities member wanted to make fresh jam.

First, Judy Tatakuason learned about the nutrients in berries, and then she got Saskatoon berries.

“I like it,” Tatakwason said. “I love picking berries, I love eating them and making jams.”

After picking the berries, Tatakwason returned to the SaskAbilities center and made jam from them.

Tara Shuster, SaskAbilities Help Desk Coordinator, said one of the center’s favorite activities is baking.

“We like to see everything from start to finish, so berry picking is a great example,” she said.

Observing the process from start to finish helps participants develop life skills, according to Washenfelder.

“Sometimes we need to break something apart and see what comes out of it,” she said.

After Tatakwason made the jam, she used it on toast and served it to her friends at the SaskAbilities center.

“It’s nice to share this with me and my friends and I hope they enjoyed it,” she said.


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