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Saudi Arabia recorded a 70% increase in rainfall compared to the previous 30 years

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Riyadh (Daily Pakistan Online) The Executive Vice President of the Saudi Meteorological Department, Juman Al-Qahtani, revealed that in some years, the amount of rain in the Kingdom has increased by 70% compared to the last 30 years.

Speaking just in Al Areba, Saudi Arabia at the National Meteorological Center Executive Vice President Juman Al Qahtani said that the increase in rainfall has extended to the green areas of the kingdom and helped reduce the likelihood of dust and sandstorms in Saudi Arabia He said that the research and The studies carried out by the National Center show that there is an increase in rainfall in Saudi Arabia, especially in the central, western and eastern regions.

In addition, the National Meteorological Center, a scientific research study on climate issues, has concluded that there is a significant increase in the rate and amount of rain in some Saudi regions. While it decreased in other regions. In addition to the rapid increase in rainfall in western Saudi Arabia along the coast of the Red Sea, the amount of rainfall has also increased along the coast of the Persian Gulf and southwestern regions, as well as in the eastern regions.

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