school reopen ksrtc clarified on bus pass accreditation

school reopen ksrtc clarified on bus pass accreditation

BANGALORE (May 14): School and colleges in the state will reopen on May 16, the state government has announced. The children are also preparing to go to school. This has caused confusion among children and parents about the bus pass. There was a question whether the old buses were in school and college passes until June. KarnaTaka State Road Transport Corporation has issued a special notice to students regarding bus pass accreditation.

Special instruction for students

Physical classes for KSRTC 2022-23, issued on Saturday, will be open to students of all classes on the 16th of this month. Therefore, the department aims to provide time to get the current line passes. Therefore, since the last line passes are valid until June 30, the department has instructed students to use their old passes without any confusion. Students can travel using an old bus.

Which buses to use

Students who have received discounted and free passes for the year 2021-22 are allowed to travel their old passes in the city of Kararasa corporation, out-of-town, regular and high-speed buses. Delivery date of new bus passes will be announced shortly. KSRTC said in a statement that it would then apply at the Savasivadhu portal to get the required passes.

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Informing the transport crew to provide information

The department has instructed motorists to provide proper information to students without any confusion and problems regarding bus pass accreditation. It has been stated that action should be taken not to allow any complaint.

Notice for student bus delivery

The Minister of Education had already informed the Transport Department that the schools would be opened on May 16. The transport department had requested the students to take any action to prevent them from coming to school. The pass should be issued by observing the student’s old ID card or letter from the school. It is suggested that students should not be disturbed by the transportation of any corporation including BMTC and KSRTC.

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Instruction to clean schools

If there are school repairs to be completed, the school environment must be clean for children to come to school. Students are told to clean up the school as they walk into the school premises. The Department of Education has already instructed the Heads of Schools to complete the work by May 16 if any repairs and repairs are to be done on the interior of the school.

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