school students committing suicide is increased 14417 help center awareness

With suicides of school students on the rise, has the helpline number 14417 announced by the School Education Department to provide mental health counseling and awareness to the students reached the students? You can find out in this news package.

In 2017, the Department of School Education introduced an awareness number 14417 for students to get higher education awareness and to provide mental health counseling. A dedicated center for this is functioning in Chennai TBI campus. This awareness number is also printed in school campuses and textbooks and given to students.

In this, since last year, the increase in sexual complaints against teachers has caused a stir. While this has eased somewhat, the recent increase in the number of female students committing suicide has been distressing. While the number of students calling the help desk has increased, help desk officials say there are far fewer calls from students with depression or suicidal thoughts.

It is said that many students do not use it because they are afraid that their problems will be known outside. But the help center officials reiterate that the government has assured that the details of the students who call the help center will be protected.

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The officers emphasize that the students should understand that 14417 help center is there for the benefit of the students and considering their future, they can call the help center for advice without any hesitation. It is hoped that this awareness among the students will reduce the crimes in the future.

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