Sensational decision on BGMI.. This is the company’s reaction on mobile game ban..!

The Krafton company, which looked to somehow lead the mobile game market in India, faced setbacks. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), developed by this company, was recently banned by the Indian government after banning the PUBG game. It has been revealed that this decision has been taken according to the IT Act. Battlegrounds game developer Crofton has recently responded to this issue. Crafton CFO Bae Dong Gen said that they are cooperating with the Indian authorities regarding the ban on Battle Royale, the most popular game with over 10 crore users in the country.

Gen spoke during the company’s quarterly meetings. Crofton said that it respects and understands the Indian government’s concern. “We run direct services based on strict data security standards and monitoring. “We will consult with the authorities and cooperate with them to find ways for Indian users to enjoy BGMI,” said Dong-gen.

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Recently, the government directed Google and Apple companies to ban BGMI. This game has been de-linked from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After that some gaming companies wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this matter. It requested a transparent approach to promote the gaming eco system in the country.

“In the second quarter, we expanded our customer base through our own and offline collaborations in the local market. We have provided BGMI with a unique battle royale experience with monetized content offers,” said Dong Gen. In the first six months of this year, Crofton’s revenue rose to $727.7 million and net income to $337.6 million.

Late last month, the government ordered Google and Apple companies to block the BGMI gaming app from the respective online stores. These orders were issued under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act- 2000. In the past, the Indian government banned the PUBG mobile game due to security concerns and users’ data going to China. As a result, Crofton Company developed BGMI as the Indian version of this game. BGMI mobile game is provided by Crofton Company of South Korea, but Tencent Company of China has stake in it. With this, the center has also banned this game which has a Chinese connection.

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