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Team Udayavani, Sep 21, 2022, 6:20 AM IST

Human-animal conflict today is not yesterday. But when it comes to attacks on humans in India, it is the “snakes” that surpass all other animals. From the villages to the metro cities, man has not lost sight of snakes. There are 300 species of snakes in India. (60 toxic, 40 mildly toxic, 180 non-toxic). However, every year 58 thousand people die from snake bites in India. Every 10 minutes an Indian dies from snakebite. Here is a link to snakebite in India.

Cities Heaven:

As urbanization has increased, animals, especially reptiles, have learned to defend and hide themselves more strongly. Especially some snakes have adapted to live and hunt on concrete surfaces. Cobras and mandala snakes have recently become more comfortable living in the countryside rather than in the wild. The reason why reptile rescuers are so popular in urban areas is because snakes have adapted to living there.

In the past, burrows, burrows and piles of rocks were known as safe havens for snakes. But now the place is filled with sewer pipes, piles of waste, concrete slabs. As a whole, the living system of the urban area has become an integral part of the life of reptiles.

rural In part More Death:

According to data from the 2020 National Mortality Study, 94% of snakebite cases in India are reported in rural areas. Also, 77 percent of deaths occur outside the hospital. Laborers and farm families are the most common victims of snake bites. Experts say that since snakebite is not a notifiable disease in India, many cases go unreported.

rural In the area More to death What is the reason? :

  • Life-saving treatment is not received at the right time
  • Snake bites are not treated at primary health centers in many states
  • While taking the patient to a distant district hospital, the patient dies without a ventilator system
  • Lack of expertise, lack of infrastructure for doctors in rural areas to treat such cases
  • Superstition in people

Control how :

If the problem of snakebite is to be solved, the supply of effective antivenom should be increased. High risk communities should be identified and these drugs should be adequately supplied to such areas. If health care personnel are properly trained on how to effectively treat snakebite victims, many deaths can be avoided. Finally, awareness work should also be done among the local people.

the snake When bitten what Should? :

  • Call an ambulance as soon as possible. Otherwise, transport the victim to the nearest hospital
  • Remove the jewelry, belt, watch, ring etc. from his body. The area of ​​snake bite may be swollen.
  • Lay the person on the left side and bend the right leg. Keep the hands supporting the face. Then breathing becomes easy.

what Shouldn’t? :

  • Don’t worry. When panicked, heart palpitations are frequent, the poison circulates quickly in the body.
  • Do not go to catch and kill a bitten snake
  • Do not cut or scratch the bitten area
  • Do not give food or drink to the affected person.
  • Do not ice or massage the bite area. It can cause further damage

2020in In India the snake cut off Deceased: 9,829

of insects By deduction Death: 1,000

Other of animals from the attack Death: 1,305

to you unknown Facts:

  • 40-50% more likely to find snakes inside the house
  • In India, 58,000 snakebite deaths occur every year
  • 50% of its victims are in the age group of 30-69. 80% of snakes in India are non-venomous.
  • Most of the cases of snake bites occur during night time.
  • The 30-40 minutes following a snake bite are critical
  • During 2000-2019, snake bite victims – more than 12 lakh
  • 2,32,000 disabled people every year due to snake bites
  • Every year 54 lakh people are bitten by snakes in the world

– Halimat Saadia


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