Shock to TRS: Another shock to TRS in Khammam .. Former MLA to join Congress today

The ruling party TRS is getting shocks upon shocks in Telangana. It is learned that Corporator Vijaya Reddy, daughter of former Chief Minister Janarthan Reddy, who left TRS yesterday, has joined the Congress. Today it seems that the sector is ready to leave another TRS key leader party. Former MLA Tati Venkateshwarlu of Ashwarapeta constituency in Khammam district has decided to leave the TRS and join the Congress. The sector is all set to join the Congress party led by TPCC chief Revant Reddy at 11 am on Friday at the Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad. To this extent the main followers of Tati had already reached Hyderabad.

However, Tati Venkateshwar, who met senior Congress leaders Janareddy and Revanth Reddy on Thursday night, seems to have reached a final decision on the party change after lengthy discussions. Tati, who has a good following as a mass leader in Aswarapeta constituency, said leaving the party was a big blow to the TRS.

A few weeks ago, Chennur TRS former MLA Nalla Odelu joined the Congress. There is talk that Chennur ticket has been confirmed for him. Recently, it was announced that the Congress was going to Gooty in the presence of PJR’s daughter Vijayareddy Rewanth Reddy. Vijayareddy has made a concerted effort to contest as Khairatabad MLA on behalf of TRS. But her efforts were in vain because of Danam Nagender. However, she was given the opportunity to contest for Khairatabad on behalf of the Congress.

Desperate for a Khairatabad MLA ticket, Vijayareddy won the GHMC elections as the Khairatabad corporator. This time the mayoral pedestal was reserved for a woman, but despite widespread publicity that she would be the mayor herself, she was left disappointed in the end. TRS leaders have somehow appeased her and made her a partner in the mayoral election, claiming that she did not want to run for office. Vijayareddy, who is dissatisfied with his own party style, joined the Congress with the expectation that the Assembly elections would come soon. The party hopes that the return of the late PJR’s daughter, who has the image of a great leader after YSSR in the Telugu states, to join the Congress will be a boost in the city.

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