Shocking: He cut his wife and children with a saw and brutally killed them..and then ..

Shocking: He cut his wife and children with a saw and brutally killed them..and then ..

Man Murder wife and children: A tragic incident has come to light in Tamilnadu. Four people from the same family were found dead. A debt-ridden man has strangled his wife and two children and then committed suicide, police said on Saturday.

Prakash, 41, of Polichalur, a Chennai suburb in Tamil Nadu, is survived by his wife Gayatri (35), son Harikrishnan (11) and daughter Nityashree (9). Prakash, who runs an ayurvedic medicine shop, is mired in a severe financial crisis. Debts made have become a good burden on the head. The financial pressures were compounded by the losses incurred in the business. There were frequent quarrels between Prakash and his wife over this matter. In this order Prakash took a serious decision. He brutally killed his wife and children with a saw. Police said he appears to have committed suicide after that. Four people were found dead in their home, causing a stir locally. Police found the bodies at a house in Polichalur, a suburb of Chennai, on Saturday morning, according to locals. Shankar Nagar police have registered a case and are investigating. The bodies were taken to Kilpauk Government Medical College for postmortem, police said.

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On the other hand, a young woman who fell in love and got married in Telangana has died. The girl, who got married a few months ago, was lying in a pool of blood in Puttint. Own men say it took lives. Villagers say no killed. The police are holding their heads high not knowing what happened in this case. While investigating the case in depth, the family members of the deceased are pulling the coupe based on the statement of the villagers. The Death Mystery was uncovered in the Adilabad district. The name of the dead girl was Rajeshwari. Nagalakonda village in Narnaur zone of Adilabad district is the hometown of the deceased. Loved a guy just a few months ago. Her parents did not like the thing and she fell in love with Priyud. It seems that the same thing happened to the panchayat after Rajeshwari Prema got married.

Under the circumstances, Rajeshwari died in Puttint. Rajeshwari was lying in a pool of blood as the young woman had marks on her neck like a knife wound and was bleeding profusely. As soon as the matter was known, the police took the posts and went to Nagalakonda village. When police questioned her parents about how Rajeshwari died..their daughter said she had committed suicide. The villagers and those around the house expressed suspicion that Rajeshwari was killed by his parents. The daughter told police that she had murdered a young man of a different social caste in anger for marrying love. It provided a clue to the police that it was definitely a honor killing. Police examined the body at home as part of a preliminary investigation. Around the whole Dog Squad was blown up for evidence. Police, who have registered a case of suspicious death, have arrested the parents of the deceased and are investigating.

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