Shocking revelations came out in the investigation of 12 deaths due to stampede in Karachi Pipa News

Shocking revelations came out in the investigation of 12 deaths due to stampede in Karachi

12 deaths from stampede in Karachi, shocking revelations came out in the investigation

Karachi (Web Desk) Shocking revelations have come out in the investigation of the incident of 12 deaths due to a stampede in the site area factory in Karachi.

According to the statement of the factory owner, the beneficiaries were going around the factory for many days to get Zakat money. Every day, many women were sitting outside the factory hoping to get money. The investigation revealed that the factory management. The women who came and waited daily were being sent back empty handed in the evening.

The investigating authorities claim that the factory owner had to distribute only two and a half lakh rupees as Zakat, the factory owner has been distributing Zakat money in the same way in the past. According to Geo News, the police say that Abdul Khaliq, the factory owner, was supposed to leave for Umrah on April 1.

It should be noted that last Friday, 12 people including women and children were killed and many were injured due to a stampede during the distribution of Zakat by the dyeing factory in the site area of ​​Karachi, 3 children and 9 women were among the dead. In this regard, SSP Kemari said that the factory management had not given any information to the police and the district administration regarding the distribution of ration and zakat, 7 people including the factory manager have been detained.

SSP Kemari said that there were deaths due to the stampede, there was no incident of the drain wall collapsing, more than 400 people were present at the time of the incident.

A case of the incident has been registered against 9 people including the factory owner and two managers at Site A police station.

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