Shooter | Vipassana taught sense Rahul kept patient in front of ED

The neighbor told us, “Shooter, we feel tired sometimes. It seems that this happens due to lack of vitamins, minerals or proteins. Think that drank some good health drink.

We said, “Nothing will happen to him. Strengthen the mind, keep restraint and increase concentration because the mind has defeats, the mind has victories! See how strong the mind of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is. They are full of patience, restraint, patience. Rahul told that he was questioned in the ED’s office for more than 54 hours in 5 days. On the last day, ED officials asked that we get tired while interrogating for 11 consecutive hours but you are not tired at all, what is the secret?

How can you be so patient? Where do you get so much professionalism? Rahul did not give any reply to the officials. Later, while addressing the party workers, Rahul said that he has got into the habit of Vipassana meditation, so he maintains calmness and self-centeredness and does not get distracted. He further said that do you know where did this profession come from? I am working in Congress party since 2004. What if there is no professionalism? Look, Sachin Pilot is sitting, Siddaramaiah is sitting, Randeep Surjewala is sitting patiently. This is our party, it does not let us get tired. It teaches daily profession.

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The neighbor said, “Shooter, Congress’s professionalism has to be admired. The government kept falling in the states, kept losing the elections badly but worked patiently. Patience even if the official status of the opposition is not received in the Lok Sabha! If this profession continues, then we will not be able to win the elections of 2024 or 2029. There is a limit to patience, patience or patience. Lord Rama had also requested to give way to the sea by keeping patient for 3 days. When he did not agree, Rama had to take up the bow and arrow. When Mahatma Gandhi also saw that the British were not agreeing to peaceful satyagraha and ghee was not coming out of his straight finger, he gave the slogan of Do or Die to the countrymen in 1942. Rahul should also think that for how long he would like to keep his restraint?


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