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Shraddha Kapoor created a sensation in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The promotion of Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Tu Juthi Mein Makkar is going on vigorously. While fans of Ranbir and Shraddha are still eager to catch a glimpse of the two at promotional events. The makers have planned promotional activities in different cities with the leading star of the film. Now everyone’s favorite ‘Jhuthi’ Shraddha reached Ahmedabad. She was seen promoting her film. Earlier, Shraddha was seen vigorously promoting the film in Pune and Indore and mesmerized the students and fans there with her characters.

Promotion of ‘Tu Juthi Mein Makkar’ in Ahmedabad

Currently, Tu Juthi Mein Makkar is directed by Luv Ranjan. The film is produced by Luv Ranjan and Ankur Garg of Luv Films and produced by Gulshan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar of T-Series. The film will release worldwide on 8 March 2023 on the day of Holi. About which Shraddha was looking very excited today. Meanwhile, he shared different things about the film and his experience during the shooting.Also Read: Lyo Bolo Khruna Ho! This bridge was closed for repairs but people went on it…

Ahmedabadites are happy to see Shraddha and Ranbir

Shraddha Kapoor said that this is the first film for the pair of Shraddha and Ranbir whose chemistry people will like. Shraddha Kapoor said that she has high hopes for this film when her film is coming after three years during the Corona period. Meanwhile, Shraddha also sang her favorite song Galiya for the fans while doing garba on Show Me the Thumka song during the stage performance. The people of Ahmedabad were happy about that.

Came to Ahmedabad to promote the film

Shraddha Kapoor made a special appeal to Gujaratis to watch the film on March 8 when everyone went crazy after seeing Shraddha Kapoor’s entry in the mall in Ahmedabad. Shraddha Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor are back to promote their upcoming film. So this pair is currently in Ahmedabad to promote their film.

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