‘Sikh community should separate itself from Khalistanis’ Pipa News


‘Sikh community should separate itself from Khalistanis’

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous actress Kangana Ranaut, who is often in the headlines for her controversial statements, has given advice to the Sikh community.

Since the murder of pro-Khalistan Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada, relations between Canada and India have been strained and Kangana Ranaut’s important statement also came out.

The actress wrote on her Instagram story that the Sikh community should separate itself from the Khalistanis and come out in support of a united India as much as possible.

Kangana Ranaut wrote that for speaking against Khalistani terrorists, Sikhs protested against my boycott and my films in Punjab, which was not a good decision of theirs.

“Khalistanis portray themselves as terrorists and this tarnishes the reputation of the entire Sikh community. In the past too, the Khalistanis caused serious damage to the Sikhs.’