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Singer Cat Janice left a final song for her son as he entered hospice PiPa News

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Singer Cat Janice left a final song for her son as he entered hospice

Cat Janice gave her seven-year-old son a gift to remember him by – one last song.

The 31-year-old Washington, DC, singer was diagnosed with a rare malignant tumor called sarcoma in 2021. Janice has endured a grueling battle with cancer since then, which she chronicled in social media. On January 15, the singer announced that his cancer has progressed, and he is now in hospice, unable to use his voice.

Despite this devastating news, Janice released “Dance You Outta My Head,” a disco-pop song, on January 19. The track charted on iTunes at No. 7 worldwide days later, and has garnered half a million streams on Spotify.

On Instagram, Janice wrote that she was “completely shocked” about the strong reception of her song. “I woke up because my med pump was beeping and I happened to check my phone to witness this absolute miracle of God saving my life for a few days to show me his power and amazing master of peace and confidence in my life,” he wrote.

On January 10, Janice entered hospice after experiencing difficulty breathing in the ICU, according to People. After this, the singer transferred the ownership of all his songs to his son Loren, who will receive all the income from streaming.

Five days ago, Janice said in a TikTok caption that she wanted her “last song” to bring joy and fun, adding that this is all she wants in her battle with cancer.

“My last happiness would be if you put my song ‘Dance You Outta My Head’ in my bio and stream it because all the proceeds will go directly to my seven-year-old boy that I left behind,” Janice also said in the TikTok post.

In an interview with People, Janice said the idea for “Dance You Outta My Head” came to her last spring, when she and Loren were “bopping in the car” and enjoying the warm weather.

“It’s a mess of years, when you feel a feeling inside,” says one of the lyrics of his hit song. “Dancing on the brink of disaster makes my heart beat faster.”

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