Six crores of revenue to RTC through cargo services in joint Mahabubnagar district Pipa News

Six crores of revenue to RTC through cargo services in joint Mahabubnagar district

(Syed Rafi, News18, Mahabubnagar)
RTC Cargo, which has been delivering goods to many parts of the state so far, is now expanding its services to other states. Having entered into an agreement with the Railway, it has shouldered the responsibility of delivering goods anywhere in the country. Inter-state cargo services undertaken by RTC have increased revenue in Mahabubnagar region. The company focuses on ways to increase revenue through new opportunities.

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Day by day development..
Telangana RTC Cargo services are now available to all across the country. Parties to other states may send goods through RTC logistics. At present the services are extended to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states. With the agreement of the Railway Department, there is an opportunity to expand to other states and get services across the country. The company, which has already changed its name from RTC Cargo to Logic Sticks, will try to innovate its services.

Income in Crores…
6,78,967 RTC cargo services were started on 19th June 2020 through this RTC cargo services till 5th September this month in the area of ​​9 depots in Palamuru district. An income of Rs 6.53 crores was received by delivering the parcels. Companies book cargo buses to transport goods and get more revenue. 33,28,213 in addition to the total of 359 regions. Income accrued. A total income of Rs 6.87 crore has reached the company. In Telangana, Mahabubnagar Depot received the highest revenue of over Rs 1.91 crores with delivery of more than 2.07 lakh parcels. Gadwala Depot followed by delivery of 1.33 lakh parcels and earned Rs 1.54 crores. The lowest income was Rs.27.62 lakhs from the Atchampeta depot.

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Wide range of services.
In order to provide a wide range of services to the public, RTC has been providing more support through public transport and cargo parcels for the past two years. He said that the owner is working hard to expand these services across the country. He said that the services of some states have started through an agreement with the Railway Department. The door delivery system for providing door-to-door parties is currently in force in Hyderabad.
Income as Depots..
The income of five depots from June 2020 to September 2022 in the nine depots of the joint Palamuru district is as follows. The number of parcels of Mahbubnagar is 2,07,897 with an income of Rs.91 lakhs 53 thousand 050 crores. 1,33,135 parcels were delivered from Gadwal depot. The income is Rs 1,54,83,680. And Vanaparthi Depot .71.744. The parcels were delivered. 58,49,223 in revenue. Nagarkurnool depot delivered 61,687 parcels and earned 51,10,269. And Shadanagar.40,635 income 49,73,341 got. Kalvakurti depot supplied 46,618 couriers and got an income of 43,45,233. Narayanapet Depot .42,89,237 for 50.790 parcels …Kollapur 34,23,765 for 34,672 parcels. Acchampet Depot delivered 31,789 parcels and got only 27,62,851.

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