Some Democrats furious Joe Biden says he’ll sign GOP proposal reversing DC soft on crime law Pipa News

Some Democrats furious Joe Biden says he’ll sign GOP proposal reversing DC soft on crime law

Some Democrats are reportedly furious that President Joe Biden will sign Congressional Republicans’ proposal to end the controversial Washington, D.C., soft-on-crime law if the Senate passes it in the coming weeks.

A House Democrat told Hill via text message, “White House f***** it royally,” claiming that the White House had previously promised to veto the resolution.

After meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Biden’s Twitter account indicated he would sign a proposal to block a DC law that would reduce punishment for felonies.

Biden’s signing promise He has differences of opinion with many in his party as the 2024 election cycle looms large.

The district’s criminal law, which lowers penalties for a variety of serious criminal offenses, was enacted by D.C.’s city council, overriding the mayor’s veto, during early 2023 crime increases.

“So many of us who are allies didn’t vote to support what the White House wanted. And now we are being hung out to dry,” said the Democrat lawmaker. “F****** amateur hour. Heads should be turning in the White House on this one.”

In Biden’s tweet, he referred to the increasing carjacking in the district. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there were 94 carjackings in the district in 2023. Homicides have increased dramatically (25 percent), along with auto theft (21 percent), burglary (16 percent) and arson (300 percent).

Dale. eleanor holmes norton (D-DC) also expressed his frustration with Biden, suggesting he has promised to veto the bill because of the high crime rate.

“Today has been a sad day for DC Home Rule and DC residents’ right to self-governance,” she said. ,[B]But with crime rising nationwide, most senators don’t want to be seen as supporting criminal justice reform.

Holmes Norton added the resolution would “strengthen patriarchal, anti-democratic Republican opposition to the principle of local control over local affairs.”

Not all Democrats oppose the proposal, and several local Democrats have spoken out against the district’s legislation.

Number mark shell casings during the shooting death of one at 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE at the Potomac Avenue subway station on February 1, 2023 in Washington, DC. (John McDonnell / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Former District Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner of Hill East Neighborhood K. Dennis Rucker Krepp urged Congress to support the resolution for eight years. Krepp, a Democrat and former political appointee in the Obama administration, told Breitbart News that he opposed the district’s law because it “enables the early release of convicted rapists.”

“As an advocate for sexual assault victims and as a locally elected DC official, I asked Congress to reject the bill,” she said. “I am grateful to Rep. Clyde, Senator Hegerty and President Biden for stopping the DC bill from taking effect. The rapists will have to serve their entire jail term.”

The Democrats’ debate over the soft-on-crime legislation comes as the Republican proposal is likely to receive a Senate floor vote in the next few weeks. So far, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) supports the resolution, leaving Republicans one vote short of passing the resolution with a simple majority.

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