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Soybean Prices | reduction in soybean prices; Slow procurement of tur, farmers expect increase

Estimates of 10% increase in Soybean Sowing Area: Processors
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Akola, For some time now, farmers have been waiting for an increase in the prices of soyabean. But it has been seen that the prices of soybean have come down in a week. Perhaps for this reason, there are a large number of farmers who have not yet brought soybeans to the market. But now due to the decrease in the prices of soyabean, concern is being seen among the farmers.

Last year farmers got good prices for soyabean, compared to that this year the prices are very less. This year it seemed that soybean would get good prices. Initially, soybean was getting more than 6 thousand prices. According to him, the farmers were feeling that the prices would increase further in the coming times. But this has not happened.

Price increased by up to 5,000

On January 20, the price of soyabean was around Rs.5,100. 5,200 to Rs. quintal, while on January 21, the price of soyabean came down to 5 thousand. On January 23, the price was seen at 5,050 and on January 24 at 5,080, on January 25 again at 5,000 and on January 27 at 5,195. Accordingly, the prices of soyabean have been decreasing. That’s why nothing can be said clearly how much the prices will increase at the moment. Farmers say that this year the prices are very less as compared to last year. For this reason, many farmers have stocked soyabean and are waiting for the price to rise.

6,800 Rs. per quintal

Tur procurement has started at a very slow pace. Toor is coming in APMC. At this time 6 thousand 600 rupees were given to Toor. From 6 thousand 800 to Rs. Prices are available per quintal. According to the information where more than 10 thousand sacks of tur are coming on one side. Whereas only 4 thousand gunny bags are being purchased. The harvesting of tur has started in the fields. Due to the return rains, the quality of tur has also deteriorated and the production has also decreased. At present, the prices of tur have come down a bit.

Farmers say that this year due to a significant decrease in the production of tur, the APMC is getting less tur. Farmers say that the price of tur should increase, otherwise the cost of production will not be able to cover. Farmers are hopeful that the price of tur will definitely increase further. At present, no such situation is visible.