Special response to Agneepath..94 thousand applications in 4 days in one Air Force

IAF agniveer recruitment: It is a known fact that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government (Central Government) recently announced the Agnipath Scheme. All the candidates selected under this scheme are called “Agniveers”. Under the scheme, firefighters will be recruited only for a period of four years in all cadres of the Army, Air Force and Navy. The Agnipath scheme, which seeks recruitment in the three forces, is now receiving a special response. The Indian Air Force (IAF) received 94,281 applications within four days of the start of the recruitment process. The registration process started last Friday and by 10:30 am on Monday, the Air Force had received applications from 94,281 ‘Agneepath Vayu’ candidates.

As of Sunday, only 56,960 applications had been received. The number has risen sharply on Monday. Registrations will continue until July 5. More applications are likely in the meantime. . The deadline for registration of applications is July 5, 2022, Defense Ministry spokesperson A Bharat Bhushan Babu said.

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On the other hand, protest flames erupted across the country after the Center announced the scheme. Young people have come out on the roads and expressed concern over the need to revive the old recruitment system. Several trains were set on fire. On the other hand, the scheme has drawn strong criticism from the opposition. The Congress has criticized the scheme as a dark path, not a fire path. However, the Center has made it clear that there is no going back on the scheme. Notifications for the recruitment process were issued immediately. Under the scheme, about 46,000 youth will be recruited by 2022. The number of recruits increases by 5,000 each year. Soldiers receive a salary of around Rs 30,000-40,000 per month. Those selected as firefighters will be paid a salary of Rs 30,000 per month for the first year. For the second year, the salary will be Rs 33,000 per month. He will be paid a salary of Rs 36,500 per month for the third year. 40,000 per month for the fourth year. However 30 per cent of this salary will be credited under the Corpus Fund. This means that firefighters receive only Rs 21,000 a month for the first year. The remaining 9,000 will be deposited under the Corpus Fund. The Government of India will also contribute the same amount. After 4 years a total of Rs 10.4 lakh will be paid to the firefighters along with interest.

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