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SpiceJet: Misbehavior with female crew: SpiceJet deboards passenger

New Delhi: Sometimes when boarding a bus or train and there are too many people inside, there is a lot of jostling and we often hear women saying that men have misbehaved with women. Apart from this, sometimes some miscreants board these crowded transports and misbehave with women. But a similar incident happened in the flight too, SpiceJet, a passenger was taken down from the flight due to misbehavior with the flight crew.

A passenger on a SpiceJet flight was de-boarded and handed over to the security team for misbehaving with a female cabin crew member, the airline said in a statement on Monday.

What happened on the plane?

In the video available to the news agency, a verbal altercation broke out between the flight crew and the passengers after a male passenger misbehaved with the female crew member.

“On January 23, 2023, SpiceJet flight SG-8133 was scheduled to depart from Delhi to Hyderabad. Boarding at Delhi During, a passenger behaved unruly and inappropriately with the female cabin crew. The staff immediately informed the PIC and security personnel about this. The airline said in a statement that he and his fellow passengers were later disembarked and handed over to the security team.

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It was like that because there were so many people

The female crew alleged that he touched one of the crew members indecently. On the other hand, the passenger also said that it was because the flight was overcrowded. However, the passenger has written an apology letter. But it is known that the two passengers were immediately taken off the plane and handed over to the security personnel so that there would be no fight.

Similar incidents have happened in the past too.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had on January 9 issued a show-cause notice to Air India managers citing two incidents of passenger misbehavior on board AI-142 flight from Paris to New Delhi on December 6 last year.

In one incident, a passenger defied the staff and smoked and drank alcohol in the toilet, while in another, a passenger was accused of urinating on the blanket and seat of a female passenger when she went to the toilet.

Both were arrested

Another similar incident happened on January 9 at Indigo It was held in airlines. It was reported that two passengers were involved in a drunken brawl on a flight from Delhi to Patna. The two passengers were reportedly arrested by the Patna airport police with the help of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). But The airline had denied that any such incident had taken place.


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