Spoke the language of the then leader: Khushbu Sundar on being singled out by Congress for old tweet against PM Modi Pipa News

Spoke the language of the then leader: Khushbu Sundar on being singled out by Congress for old tweet against PM Modi

Targeted by the Congress over her 2018 tweet criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP leader Khushboo Sundar on Saturday hit back at the opposition party, saying she was speaking “leader’s language” when she was not allowed to do so. Was asked for and he said “frustration”.

She said that she has not deleted the five-year-old social media post and will not do so now.

The Congress has targeted him in the wake of party leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks using the Modi surname that led to his conviction and disqualification as a Lok Sabha member by a local court in Surat, Sundar said, indicating that the opposition party How desperate

A 2018 tweet by a member of the National Commission for Women (NCW) has gone viral and she hasn’t deleted the post.

Sundar, also a member of the BJP’s national executive committee who quit the Congress party and joined the saffron outfit in 2020, had posted a tweet in 2018 saying, “…Aye #Modi ka Change meaning to corruption..better.”

Explaining the tweet, Khushbu said, “I was in the Congress party then and I was only doing my duty as a Congress spokesperson. We had to speak this language and that is what I was doing. I was following the leader of the party. This is his language. “It not only shows how desperate they (Congress party) are, but it also exposes the level of their ignorance on the issue they are raising,” he said. PTI,

In the wake of Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification for comparing the surname Modi to “thieves”, the party was quick to pick Khushboo’s old tweet.

Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a Twitter post on Saturday morning, “Will you file a defamation case against one of your disciples named Modi, Khushbu Sundar?” Sundar said, ‘I have never deleted any tweet from my timeline and I will not do it now.’

He asked, “What are Congress leaders trying to do by electing me? Are they comparing me with Rahul Gandhi?”

Asked if he finds nothing wrong in insulting the surname ‘Modi’, he said, “Rahul Gandhi has stooped to the level of calling all Modi thieves, I have only used the word ‘corruption’ Congress party is unable to see the difference. But if they have guts then I challenge Congress leaders to file case against me and I will face them legally.

Sundar also pointed out that the Congress party never liked appreciating the positive steps taken by the ruling BJP. “Whether it was triple talaq, scrapping of Article 370 or the introduction of the New Education Policy (NEP), the Congress party always had a problem when I tweeted,” he recalled.

An actor who has featured in over 100 films, Khushboo Sundar initially joined the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and then moved to the Congress party before joining the BJP.


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