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SSI is torturing his wife in Nellore

He came after saying that he loved… He said that it would be difficult to live without you.. He said let’s accept that castes are different.. He believed and got married.. Before two months passed, he started showing hell. It was none other than a police employee who behaved like a beast. In Nellore (Nellore), a police employee who was supposed to protect the law was involved in a dastardly act. He tortured his wife like a criminal even though he was on the job of an in-charge SS. Even if the superiors worshiped him, there was no change in him, right? Going into the details.. SK Subhani from Ponakepalli of Guntur district fell in love with a girl named Lakshmi Prasanna from Bitragunta of Nellore district who was working as a constable in the same police station while working as 3 town SI in Nellore. SK Subhani and Lakshmiprasanna had a love marriage in 2019 after persuading the elders of different castes. Everything went well until the few days leading up to the wedding.

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Just a few days after the marriage, Subhani’s true form came out. Wife Lakshmi alleged that he turned into a beast and started torturing her. Lakshmiprasanna said that she had become pregnant, but there was no change even though she had promised many times that she would change.

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At least if you think that there will be a change in the behavior of the husband.. that man has turned into a bit of a beast. Lakshmi Prasanna says that he pressured her to terminate the pregnancy. When she did not listen, he punched her in the stomach to kill the child. He expressed his grief that he had done unspeakable despicable deeds. Finally, the victim said that he wanted to kill himself by punching his head against the wall. Later she regained consciousness and called 100 to inform the police. The police immediately reached the spot and shifted Lakshmi to the hospital.

SSI’s atrocities came to light with Lakshmi’s complaint. A case was registered at Disha Police Station. A case has been registered against the SSI under various sections. A case was registered under 498A,313,342,307,304 DP ACT. Police said that SI Subhani is absconding and will be arrested soon.

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