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Station flyover | Station flyover: No transfer of parking plaza, HC seeks response from PWD department

Station flyover: No transfer of parking plaza, HC seeks response from PWD department

Nagpur. A petition was filed in the High Court on behalf of the shopkeeper Syed Sakir Ali and others under the station flyover. During the hearing on this, it was told by the Metro Rail Corporation that the parking plaza has been prepared by the PWD department in the alternative complex for the shopkeepers, but it has not been transferred yet. After the hearing, Justice Rohit Dev and Justice Vrushali Joshi ordered the PWD department to file an affidavit in this context.

It is noteworthy that out of 70 shops prepared by Mahametro near the station, shops were allotted to the beneficiaries. But there were 35 shopkeepers who wanted shops, but they did not participate in the lottery by protesting against the temporary shops being given to them. Even after hearing the petition filed by him in the High Court, the court kept the method of lottery subject to the decision of the petition. Meanwhile, a fresh show cause notice was issued by the Municipal Corporation to these shopkeepers. On behalf of the petitioner Mahesh Dhatrak and on behalf of Municipal Corporation. Jaimini Kasat advocated.

Right to remove Municipal Corporation

Recently, a reformed show cause notice was issued to these 35 shopkeepers by the Municipal Corporation. It was told in the notice that according to Section 81B (a) of the Municipal Act, 1949, the Municipal Corporation has the right to evict shops, sheds or places from the place allotted to any person if it is required by the Municipal Corporation for any public interest.

M/s ENIA, the project consultant of Mahametro, has given a proposal to the Municipal Corporation. According to which a 6-lane road is to be constructed in place of the flyover from Jaistambh Chowk to Manas Chowk.

In this context, a resolution was also passed in the municipal meeting on 29 September 2018. Therefore, as this proposal is of public interest, the said action is necessary.

Has given an ultimatum of 10 days

In the notice, Municipal Corporation said that according to the rights given to Municipal Corporation, why should not the license be canceled and removed from the shops. An ultimatum was given to the shopkeepers to give a written reply to this within 10 days. It was said in the notice that if no explanation is given in 10 days, then according to the rules, the Municipal Corporation will take further action and vacate the shops by taking them under its authority. The petitioners believe that the Municipal Corporation is determined to take action keeping the law in check. License holders were assured not to evacuate without alternative arrangements. Now the Municipal Corporation is turning away from this.

that’s how it was

In 2008, a flyover was built in front of the station.

It was decided to break it in 2018 itself.

6 lane road will be constructed at a cost of 234 crores

Rs.19 crores The shopkeepers have to give as compensation.

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