Storm lashes Bankura, minister Jyotsna Mandi lends helping hand. Sangbad Pratidin Pipa News


Storm lashes Bankura, minister Jyotsna Mandi lends helping hand. Sangbad Pratidin

Devabrata Biswas, Khatra: The trees were broken in the fury of Kalbaisakhi. Khatra to Ranibandh road of Bankura-Ranibandh state highway was blocked. Traffic was stopped. State Food and Supplies Minister Jyotsna Mandi joined hands with police administration workers to remove trees from the roads. He did the job of moving the tree with his waist tied. Later, the work of removing the trees from the road was completed with the efforts of the Disaster Management Department staff. Traffic on Khatra-Ranibandh road is normal.

Thunderstorms Thursday afternoon through night. Several trees and tree branches fell on the Khatra-Ranibandh state highway from Khatra Pump Junction to Akkhuta due to the storm. State Food and Supplies Minister Jyotsna Mandi was on her way to attend a party meeting at Khatra in the evening. Seeing the road blocked, he quickly got down from the car. Jyotsna Mandi himself along with the police personnel who were in charge of his security helped to remove the trees and branches lying on the road.

[আরও পড়ুন: ঝাড়গ্রামে অভিষেকের কর্মসূচির মাঝে কুড়মি বিক্ষোভ, বীরবাহা হাঁসদার গাড়ি লক্ষ্য করে ইটবৃষ্টি]

Within moments of the Minister’s hand in removing the trees, the Disaster Management Department staff reached the spot. Quickly remove the trees from the road. Local residents are happy with the minister’s work. Minister Jyotsna Mandi, however, said, “Trees fell on the road during Kalvaishakhi. It was noticed while traveling on that road. I then took the initiative to remove them. I have done this work to remove traffic problems. It is nothing like that.”

On the other hand, trees fell in Khatra, Ranibandh, Hirbandh blocks and thatched and tin canopies of some houses were blown away by the Kalbaisakhi storm. Several homeowners were affected. The thatched roofs and tin roofs of 10 houses were blown away in Tishulia village of Hirbandh. On hearing the news, Hirbandh Panchayat Pradhan Nayan went to the village that night and met the victims and arranged tripal and food on behalf of the panchayat. Hirbandh Panchayat Pradhan Nayan Pramanik said the block administration is being informed for official compensation to the storm victims. Neha Bandyopadhyay, Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Khatra, said, “The roofs of some houses have been blown away in the storm. The amount of damage can be said only after obtaining the block level. A report has been sought from the block. The victims will be compensated as per the government rules.”

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