Strathlan School opens The Art Cafe

Strathlan School opens The Art Cafe

Strathlan School in Perthshire is opening a cafe in its arts department.

Art Café will be run by Blend Coffee, which has shops in Dundee, Paisley and its native Perth.

Strathlan’s Art Café opens to school students, parents and school friends on 28 May to coincide with the school’s sports day and the opening of its Centennial Golf Course.

Sandip Selins, co-director of Blend Coffee, said: “We are thrilled to help open The Art Café in Strathlon.

“The school is a prosperous community in which [more than] There are 1,000 people on the site on any given day, so it’s the perfect place to put our design philosophy into action.

“It is not just about the provision of coffee and cake – Art Café is a mental-health safe space, a place where students, parents and staff can feel welcome and valued.

“We are very excited about the opportunities we can collaborate on, from concerts and comedy nights to training for students.”

Malaysia’s sixth-form student Seelov Norza said: “I’m not sure what’s better – the view or the coffee.

“It’s the perfect place to recharge.”

Strathlan School Headmaster Mark Lauder said: “We are delighted to announce the opening of our Art Café to our wider school community.

“It’s versatile, well designed, and a great addition to school.

“I thank all the school staff and the Blend team who have worked together to make this idea a reality.”

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Plus, a sneak peek inside the art cafe in Strathlon School’s video:

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