Stylish Ayesha Omar rocks in mountains of Gilgit Baltistan Pipa News

Stylish Ayesha Omar rocks in mountains of Gilgit Baltistan

Bulbulay actress Ayesha Omer has always been vocal about the social issues including harassment and child abuse. She has also expressed her deep concerns about the concept of feminism and tried to explain the true meaning of it.

Ayesha Omer is an avid thrill seeker who has left the contemporaries behind her daring adventures.

This time the adventurous girl took to her Instagram handle and shared a breathtaking photograph of herself from the wonderful mountain ranges of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Here are the photos:

She is currently spending quality time on the dreamlike land of Gilgit Baltistan.

Ayesha Omar captured the pictures on a beautiful location, the blue sky was full of cloud clusters, the stream water was also flowing between the feet of deep mountains there. Moreover, some bunches of small huts were also appearing on the scene. The thickets of tall trees were also enhancing the beauty of nature.

The ‘Habs’ actress was posing for the photo on the top of the height with standing in a narrow line of the mountains.

In one of the pictures, she was looking downward and soothing her eyes by amusing from the pleasant sight of countryside.

She opted for a very rocky look by wearing long boots with western attire. The actress was looking super stunning in her green long coat and Tigger printed cap.

In yet another picture, Ayesha Omer was shedding the inner peace of her which she attained from the peaceful scenery.


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