Success story of farmer Uday haloi – News18 Assam Pipa News

Success story of farmer Uday haloi – News18 Assam

Rajesh Vaishya, Nalbari: Egaraki is an ideal farmer Agriculture is also showing good results. Farmers today are becoming self-reliant in the way seen by their fathers. The day is full of busy agricultural work. Earnings on sale of manufactured goods. He educated his children by farming.

The exemplary farmers living in Buringagar of Dhauti Thaka Nalbari are showing a good example towards agricultural work. After starting paddy cultivation on about 12 Bigha land, we are cultivating various types of vegetables and fruits in Halai. Above this, Uday Halai has agricultural plantations with very valuable trees such as tamol, coconut and millet trees. If there are tamol and coconut leaves, drink.

Uday Halai earns daily money by selling paan. Uday Hali’s agricultural footprints can be seen in the entire Szewsia environment. The sight of various vegetable farms in Chariofal is awe-inspiring. Due to which the rulers of the region have been able to gain honor by raising the majesty of the region easily. Adarsh ​​Hai Pra Udaya Halai Etiya, the new generation of the region is being talked about.

But it is sad and unfortunate that Uday Halaye Ajilai has not received any kind of benefit from the departmental Achani or departmental Achani. It is also noticeable that such exemplary farmers are neglected in the Biagom Agriculture Department of the state.

The issues of the agriculture department are also a matter of judgment regarding the assistance of the farmers. It should be noted that after the support or help from the agricultural department, the agricultural work will be carried out as soon as possible.


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