Successful experiment of the first robot to fertilize human eggs Pipa News

Successful experiment of the first robot to fertilize human eggs

In developed countries, robots have taken control of many aspects of human life and the most recent advancements have been in the field of human reproduction (insemination).

Global media reports said with reference to the MIT Technology Review that the robot developed by the Spanish technology company Overture Life successfully experimented with the birth of two healthy girls by combining sperm with human eggs with the help of automatic injection. What is it.

The team of experts claims that this robot can also be controlled with a play-station controller. This type of robot is the first robot in the world and one of the engineers involved in its development had very limited experience in the relevant field, but he managed the entire process with a PlayStation 5 controller from Sony.

Mechanical engineering student Edward Elba successfully controlled a tiny mechanical needle during in vitro fertilization (IVF) using a controller. Thanks to this technique, the individual cells of the female sperm (sperm) have been successfully transferred dozens of times to the human ovum so that fertilization and the birth of a child can be possible.

According to experts, two healthy baby girls have been born as a result of this procedure. They claim that these babies are the world’s first babies born with automated technology.

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