Successful launch of PSLV C-55 is another record for ISRO Pipa News

Successful launch of PSLV C-55 is another record for ISRO

Another victory has been added to ISRO’s account. The ISRO PSLV C-55 rocket, launched on Saturday afternoon, successfully landed in Ninggi. Scientists at the Indian Space Launch Center (ISRO) successfully launched the PSLV C-55 rocket into the sky. At 2.19 p.m. on Saturday… it burst into flames spewing flames. With the completion of the first and second phases of the experiment, the scientists concluded that the experiment was a success.

What to carry?

This rocket will launch Singapore’s 741 kg Teletos-2 satellite and 16 kg Lumitite satellite into Earth orbit.

Where is it launched from?

As always.. this is also being launched from our Sriharikota Space Launch Centre. The first stage of this rocket lasts 1.83 minutes. With that.. the following part will complete its work.

In the second stage.. the motor in the middle starts working. That works out to another 3.06 minutes. Then the third phase begins. That would be another 4.34 minutes. After that another 9.77 minutes will be the fourth phase. After a total journey of 20.35 minutes, the rocket will enter the void. There the satellites are separated from the rocket and fall into Earth’s orbit. They orbit the earth at an altitude of 586 km above the earth.

This experiment was closely supervised by ISRO Chairman Dr. Somnath.. Shah. The team of scientists at Shaar expressed joy as the experiment was successful.

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