Sulochana didi death, the door of Sulochana didi’s house in Mumbai was always open for her… – sulochana latkar death late actress birth place kolhapur and memories Pipa News

Sulochana didi death, the door of Sulochana didi’s house in Mumbai was always open for her… – sulochana latkar death late actress birth place kolhapur and memories

m. Ta. Representative, Kolhapur
Sulochana Didi, who came to Kolhapur from Karnataka in the border region with her aunt, later became the home of Kolhapur and Jaiprabha Studio. After working with many legendary producers and directors including Bhalji Pendharkar, Master Vinayak for many years, he developed a great affection for Kolhapur. Therefore, even though he left this area due to getting opportunities in Hindi cinema, his love and affection for Kolhapur remained. The people of Kolhapur always considered it their lake as they always had a feeling of love for this city.

After the death of her parents, Sulochana Didi came to Kolhapur with her aunt from Khadaklat. Although he did not have much education, he was fond of acting. From this Hon. She started working with Vinayak. But as she was not getting a big role, later she came to Bhalji Pendharkar. After meeting Bhalji as Guru, his career started with vigor. Jaya Prabha Studio became the Karma Bhoomi and the movies started to line up.

Sulochana Didi: Sulochana Didi to worship the object given by a beggar; Because after reading it, you will get a thorn in your body

His acting journey, which started from Sasurvas, continued in Kolhapur through many films like Mith Bhakar, Maratha Tituka Melwawa, Jeevacha Sakha, Sadhi Manasam. She lived in Lakshmipuri here for more than fifteen years. Their original name was different. But seeing his eloquent eyes, Bhalji named him Sulochana. The name remained the same. Sulochana Didi, who was trained by Bhalji, later went to Pune, Mumbai for a Hindi film. But his love for Kolhapur never waned.

He made great efforts to establish Bhalji Pendharkar Cultural Center in Kolhapur. Their efforts were successful. He also tried for Kolhapur Chitranagari. His residence in Mumbai used to be the rightful home for film professionals from Kolhapur. If there was no place to stay, artists and technicians would stay at their homes.

Veteran actress Sulochana Latkar passed away at the age of 94; Pranjyot Malvali died during treatment at the hospital

His birthday was on 20th July. Shailesh Shetty has made a documentary on his film career. It was planned to be exhibited by him on his birthday. But today Didi passed away suddenly. However, Shetty said that he will screen the documentary on that day.

Sulochana Didi gave birth to an only daughter Kanchan in Kolhapur. During this period, the shooting of many of his films began. The shooting used to take place at Jayaprabhat Studio.. Even though Kanchan was born, it was imperative for him to shoot. After giving birth to a daughter, Kanchan kept the baby at home even though she was a wet baby and handed over the baby to others and went to Jayaprabhat studio to shoot under that condition. Even from Jain Galli to Jai Prabhat Studio, the women in the street used to look at him in amazement after seeing his hard life.

And she became the sister of cinema… Such was Sulochana’s career of 70 years

Playing various roles like daughter, friend, wife, mother, she used to reach the hearts of the audience with the power of acting. Their roles were symbols of purity and holiness. Even the people on the set used to get emotional watching his performance even when the shooting of some scenes was going on. Because of this, she stayed in Kolhapur for fifteen years and showed the influence of acting, from which she became a resident of Kolhapur despite being from Karnataka. This city became his home. So, till the last moment, his relationship with this city continued. Even if he asked to go to Kolhapur, his condition would improve. This shows his love for Kolhapur.


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