Surat: 158 textile traders slapped with lime, a complaint lodged against Home Minister Sanghvi

Surat: 158 textile traders slapped with lime, a complaint lodged against Home Minister Sanghvi

While Surat is the largest hub of the textile market (Textile Hub of Surat), some profiteers in this market close their shops and flee after taking goods worth crores of rupees from the traders. Recently, there was an uprising by traders in the global textile market (Global Textile Market surat Fruad Cases). Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi arrived at his office today to make representations to the traders who had come up against the allegation that more than Rs 25 crore had been raised from different traders in Surat. Harsh Sanghvi has assured all the traders present through video conferencing to expedite the uprising.

The textile market on Surat’s Ring Road is thus the largest textile market in the country while some other anti-social elements have become merchants and opened shops to cultivate the trust of traders and take away goods worth crores of rupees which cost people crores of rupees.

The firm closed the shop and fled without paying crores of rupees

The Surat traders, who are fed up with such lucrative traders, have made representations to the government several times. The traders in front were running away.

Cheating with more than 158 traders of Surat

He had earlier gained confidence by contacting more than 158 traders of Surat. The office in the Global Textile Market was then locked down. Their phones were switched off when they were called by the merchants to collect their dues.

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However, Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi was approached by the traders when the matter was being circulated to the police station. Police arrangements have been made for as many godowns as they have. So that from there one can carry the goods of cloth.

Sanghvi gave Haiya arrest

The Commissioner of Police has also been instructed to expedite the investigation into the whole affair. Surat Police will work towards activating such a gang of thugs to create a trusting atmosphere in the market. Sanghvi has also given this kind of haiya arrest.

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Speed ​​of investigation cycles

This gang of thugs has raised crores of rupees. This has created an atmosphere of confidence in the textile market. Traders have been contacted through brokers. He is also being investigated. State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has expressed confidence that all the traders will be resolved soon. Surat police is also working fast to catch such thugs. We are also going to make representations to the Commissioner of Police after meeting State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi.

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