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Suspicious death of couple after Holi celebrations

The suspicious death of a couple in the city of Mumbai has created a local uproar. The discovery of dead bodies of a husband and wife in the bathroom of an apartment flat in Ghatkopar area created a sensation.

On Wednesday, the maid went to work in the flat of Deepak Shah and Rina Shah. When the calling bell was pressed, there was no response from the other side. No one opened the door despite trying for a long time. Confused by this, the maid called Deepak’s mother. She came to the flat immediately and opened the door with another key. At the same time, the sound of the shower was heard from the bathroom. When the bathroom door was opened, Deepak Shah and Rina Shah were lying there without clothes. Immediately they were rushed to the local hospital. Doctors declared them both dead.

The family members informed the police about the death of Deepak Shah and Rina Shah. The police reached there and seized the two bodies. But the locals suspect that the two may have died due to the shock of the geyser in the bathroom. Even though the police checked the house, nothing suspicious was found. But the police said that the cause of their death will be known only after the postmortem report of the two.


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